A minimalist Android setup

Doesn't matter which android phone I'm using, I always do the same thing after the first boot:

I love minimalist and practical interfaces (piratical for me, sometime can be complex for some users). Anyway, I hope this post help you find your practical and minimalist way. There are two key points I really like about Smart Launcher: the first one, is that you are free to customize almost anything and the second one is it's automatically organizing your apps by category, and you can easily search app through the first letter.

This is my home screen:


It's clean, it's beautiful, it's handy!

Maybe you're asking:

How do you start apps? How about the apps you use daily basis?

That's easy, gestures!

I don't like to get distracted or bothered by notifications, widget, and icons. So that, I use Smart Launcher gestures. They call gestures, but they are a little more than just swipe right.

The possibilities are:

  • Double tabs
  • Hot keys
  • Single finger
  • Double finger

This mean from the home screen I'm able to open these apps:

App Gestures
Calculator double tapping
Telegram double click on "home" hot key
WhatsApp swipe up
Firefox swipe down
Google Maps Dual swipe up
Cross-multiplication App Dual swip down

Smart Laucher

category icons

Auto organized apps by category with custom icons

search app

Search app by first letter

Extra tips

Cross-multiplication App - playstore

Last week, my local supermarket was offering a deal, selling snacks. You could buy 3 packages with 30g and each one will cost R$3.45 instead of regular R$4.30, the other option was the bigger package with 180g R$17.65. What is the best deal?

Cases like this cross-multiplication app is pretty handy.

Random wallpapers - playstore

I like beautiful, random and perfect fit wallpapers. To no waste time choosing and don't get tired of same wallpaper every day, I use Walpy, to do the job for me. Every other day, I get a awesome new wallpaper.